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African-American Life in Preston County

African-American Life in Preston County
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African-American Life in Preston County by Nancy Jane Copney

Book Description: Preston County, an area nestled in the northern corner of West Virginia, is bounded on the north by Pennsylvania and the Mason-Dixon line and on the east by the state of Maryland. This scenic Appalachian region is primarily a farming community, though mining, timber, recreation, and tourism have also been vital contributors to the county’s economy. The small yet vibrant African-American community of Preston County, whose story is told here through family photographs, documents, and memories, is a vital part of the county’s heritage. For generations, these families have worked on the land and in the mines; they have raised their children and built their homes in Preston County. Vintage images from as early as the 1860s preserve the African-American story of the mothers and fathers and the mine workers and farmers who have played and continue to play an important role in the history of this beautiful part of the world.

Author Bio: Author, cook, local historian, and active community member Nancy Jane Copney has collected a fascinating array of images generously donated from family attics and albums in order to document the lives of African Americans in her hometown. These invaluable photographs, which depict the past and present of a dynamic community, are compiled for the first time in this book and are sure to take readers, both longtime residents and visitors, on an educational and entertaining trip through time.

# of Pages: 128

On Sale Date: 07/17/1999

Binding: Softcover

# of Images: 200 Black and White