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Arthurdale by Amanda Griffith Penix on behalf of Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Book Description:

In August 1933, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the impoverished coal communities of north central West Virginia. Suffering from the effects of the Great Depression, these coal families looked to the First Lady for help out of the devastating economic times. Her visit spurred the creation of Arthurdale, the nation’s first New Deal Homestead Community. Arthurdale quickly became known as “Eleanor’s Little Village” because of the First Lady’s involvement with the project. She visited the community often to dine, dance, and converse with the homesteaders and to attend high school graduations. In addition to the creation of new housing, Arthurdale featured a community business center, state-of-the-art school buildings, a craft industry, an industrial factory, and home-based agricultural production. Although not a financial triumph for the federal government, the social success of the community is immeasurable.

Author Bio:

Amanda Griffith Penix is the executive director of Arthurdale Heritage, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic Arthurdale. This collection of historic images illustrates the history of Arthurdale during the federal government’s management from 1933 to 1947, with the majority of the images coming from the West Virginia and Regional History Collection of the West Virginia University Libraries and the Library of Congress.

# of Pages: 128

On Sale Date: 05/07/2007

Binding: Softcover

# of Images: 200 Black and White