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Bertha Butcher's Coat

Bertha Butcher's Coat
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Bertha Butcher's Coat by Mary Lucille DeBerry

Bertha Butcher's Coat, stray buttons, an elegant pen, scraps of red fabric: all might be found in an attic. Add an ancestral farm, a big city and a small town where a child associated as much with grown-ups as with other children. These grown-ups recounted family stories, made quilts, grew gardens, farmed, quarried stone, drilled oil wells. The poet observed and remembers.

Mary Lucille DeBerry is a native of West Virginia and long-time resident of Morgantown.

Publisher: Sarvis Press

Pub. Date: June 2009

Soft cover, 81 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9824199-0-8