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Mountaineer Coonskin Cap

Mountaineer Coonskin Cap
Item# ccc-wv-coonskin-cap

Product Description

Coonskin Cap

Now you to can have your own coonskin cap, just like the Mountaineer! The brown tail caps are pretty, with fuller and longer natural colored tails, usually 12 or more inches.

The cap is made using a variety of various species of raccoon and tails sewn onto a coon heather acrylic fur.

Small--22"-- for ages 1-5

Medium--23"-- for ages 6-12

Large--23 1/2" to 24"-- for ages 13 to adult

XLarge--25"-- for big Men

Measurements should be made by encircling the head above the eyebrows. A fabric tape works well, although a string, compared to a yard stick will certainly do the job.

***The Mountaineer***

One of the most beloved of all West Virginia athletic traditions, The Mountaineer first appeared at WVU sporting events during the 1936-37 school year. The Mountaineer is selected each year by the Mountain, the school’s prestigious senior honorary. The Mountaineer’s costume is tailored to fit each winner, and male Mountaineers customarily grow beards during their tenure to go along with a coonskin cap and a rifle.