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Jewish West Virginia

Jewish West Virginia
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Jewish West Virginia by Julian H. Preisler

Book Description:

West Virginia has a unique history of Jewish settlement dating back to 1849 when the first Jewish organization in the state, a Jewish burial society, was established by a small group of German Jewish immigrants in the city of Wheeling. From modest beginnings, Jews settled in towns and cities and established businesses and communal organizations. Since that time, the Jews of the Mountain State have been an integral part of the state's economic, cultural, and political life. Though always relatively small in size, West Virginia's Jewish population has been a strong advocate for the state and gained prominence in many areas. Readers will recognize images of well-known institutions such as Shoney's, Cohen's, Frankenberger's, Embee's, and others that bring back fond memories. Despite declines in Jewish population numbers, today's Jewish community remains active and involved in the life of the state.

Author Bio: Julian H. Preisler is a professional genealogist, author, and documentarian with a long interest in American Jewish history, synagogue architecture, and historical documentation. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Preisler has immersed himself in the remarkable history of West Virginia's Jewish community. Through the varied photographs in Images of America: Jewish West Virginia, he provides a look into the history of a unique segment of the state's population.

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