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Redneck Brass Ornament

Redneck Brass Ornament
Item# tpd-redneck

Product Description

Redneck Brass Ornament

Made in the USA by Tom Pollard Designs!

All ornaments are produce in a stunning gold-plated brass. For that extra touch, brilliant color can be added through the process of pad printing.

The classic stereotype redneck is one who lives in rural America, owns a pickup truck, has a poor lifestyle, lives in a trailer, comes from the south and tends to like beer -- a lot. In general, a redneck is someone who has a total lack of sophistication. Rednecks have evolved over the years and have been made popular by comedians and TV sitcom shows.

A true redneck doesn't give a damn what any one thinks of them. If you were to name some Redneck anthems, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird" quickly come to mind. If you have to mow your grass to find your car, own a homemade fur coat or have flowers planted in a bathroom fixture in your front yard, consider yourself a redneck and be proud.

Buy this ornament for your favorite redneck.