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Twilight Glass Bead

Twilight Glass Bead
Item# fag-wv-0B350

Product Description

Twilight Glass Bead

Precious Metals Bead designed by Terry Henry.

This Made in America handcrafted Twilight glass Precious Metals Bead was designed by Terry Henry, a visiting bead artist at Fenton. The bead reminds one of midnight moonbeams. Precious metals add a new dimension to glass beads. They are used in two forms, melted into the glass formulas or added as pure metals to the bead during the forming process.

Notice the multiple shades of silvery blue in this bead. Pure silver is dissolved in the Cobalt Blue glass and rises to the surface of the blue as it is heated in a special reducing flame. The artist then uses a palette knife to slice through the blue glass multiple times to reveal the darker blue underneath. The bead is then cased in layers of molten clear glass to magnify the hues of silvery blue.

Because of the handmade process, bead size may vary from 1/2" to 5/8" in diameter.

Beas measures 9/16" diameter