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West Virginia Brass Ornament

West Virginia Brass Ornament
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Product Description

West Virginia Brass Ornament

Made in the USA by Tom Pollard Designs!

These unique and stunning gold-plated brass ornaments are stunning works of art manufactured to the most demanding specifications. For that extra touch, brilliant color was added through the process of pad printing.

The rugged terrain of the Allegheny, Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains, and lush valleys, make West Virginia a treasure to be explored. The state claims the highest mean altitude (3,219 feet) east of the Mississippi. On June 20, 1863, West Virginia became the 35th. state to officially join the Union. Its capitol building, located in the capital city of Charleston and dedicated on June 20, 1932, has 9 different types of marble, and its dome is approximately 4.5 feet taller than our nation's capitol building dome in Washington, D.C.

With its wealth of natural resources, coal mining and harvesting of the 11,000 square miles of hardwood forests play an important role in the economy for the state. The Black Bear, the official State Animal, can be found in all 55 counties. The unique history, spirit of its people and beauty of the land capture the hearts of all who visit and live there.