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West Virginia National Guard: 1898-1919

West Virginia National Guard: 1898-1919
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West Virginia National Guard: 1898-1919 by Brian Stuart Kesterson

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The formation of what would eventually become the West Virginia National Guard has its roots intertwined in the “Old” Virginia Militia system of the early and mid-1700s. This militia system spanned the Indian hostilities of the French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, 1780s and 1790s Indian Wars, and Civil War. Images of America: West Virginia National Guard covers the time span between 1898 and 1919. This period of guard history was chaotic, to say the least, and was typified by turbulent social, economic, and political unrest.

Author Bio: Author Brian Stuart Kesterson is a teacher employed by the Wood County Board of Education. In 2005, he was presented with the West Virginia History Hero Award for promoting and preserving West Virginia history through his writings, lectures, and living history programs. In 2007, the United Daughters of the Confederacy presented him with the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal for his writings and efforts in helping to preserve Southern culture and history. Many of these photographs are taken from the collection of the late Fred Cochran, a native of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Cochran was an officer of Company E, 2nd West Virginia National Guard. His photographs offer an insight rarely captured in these early days of guard history.

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