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Wheeling in Vintage Postcards

Wheeling in Vintage Postcards
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Wheeling in Vintage Postcards by William A. Carney Jr., Brent E. Carney

Book Description:

The history of Wheeling and Ohio County is both eclectic and engaging. Beginning in the colonial era when the legendary Betty Zane saved Fort Henry from an Indian attack by hiding gunpowder in her skirt, Wheeling eventually emerged as an important link between Eastern cities and the rest of the United States. The Wheeling Suspension Bridge, the Old National Road, and the B&O Railroad all passed through the bustling Ohio County. Over the years, Wheeling has been labeled everything from "Victorian Wheeling" to "Sintown USA," and these monikers represent the diverse qualities of a town molded and shaped by the steel, coal, tobacco, and transportation industries. Whether residents and visitors frequented the impressive Victorian mansions or Wheeling's infamous brothel district, they always had something to write home about. The incomparable collection showcased in this book spans five decades and was begun and continued by the Carney family.

Author Bio: Authors William A. Carney Jr. and Brent E. Carney, lifelong residents of Wheeling, are proud to share the vintage postcards that highlight the fascinating history of a truly unique community.

# of Pages: 128

On Sale Date: 06/30/2003

Binding: Softcover

# of Images: 200 Black and White