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Wirt County

Wirt County
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Wirt County by Richard T. Lowe

Book Description:

Wirt County was established by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on January 19, 1848, and was named in honor of William Wirt, a famed prosecutor representing the United States in the trial of Vice Pres. Aaron Burr, who was accused of treason. In 1859, the county's population escalated from just a few dozen to several thousand as news of the nation's first big oil boom in Burning Springs was publicized in headlines across the globe. The oil industry had a profound impact on the future of Wirt County and even played a pivotal role in West Virginia being admitted into the Union. While the heyday of the oil industry has faded, the charm of Wirt County has not--it is here where many families embrace the quiet, peaceful lifestyle that a small community offers.

Author Bio: Author Richard T. Lowe operates a gift shop featuring local artisans and authors. In response to customer requests for area history, he soon began to realize his own love of history. As a result, Lowe has assembled this collection of images that tells the story of Wirt County and its people. Through the vintage photographs in Images of America: Wirt County, Lowe shares highlights of the place that he will forever call home.

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