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WVU Dog T-shirt

WVU Dog T-shirt
Item# hm-wvu-4271

Product Description

WVU Dog T-shirt

Small 12-13" Length 14-18" Girth 10-13" Neck

Medium 14-15" Length 16-20" Girth 11-14" Neck

Large 16-17" Length 20-24" Girth 13-16" Neck

X-Large 18-20" Length 27-30" Girth 16-21" Neck

How to choose the right Size:

1. Length: Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

2. Girth: Measure your dog's chest at its widest point, which is usually behind the front legs.

3. Neck: For dog's with large than normal necks, measure your dog's neck circumference as you would a collar.

Dog apparel comes in limited size ranges and there is significant difference between sizes of apparel. Because of this, we suggest measuring your god and following the size chart provided. The item may be large or smaller fitting on your dog depending where on the size range they fall. Never assume that because you have a large dog they will take a large size - you must measure. We go by length, girth and neck.

If you do not have a soft or fabric style tape measure, use a length of string or yarn and mark it as you measure your dog, then lay the string against a yardstick to determine the inches. If your dog is stouter, has a thick coast, broader chest, wider underside or is at the maximum for the size chart listed, you may want to move up to the next larger size for an optimal fit. Please note the largest size range listed for each size as you consider the best overall fit.