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WVU Small Ironwood Box

WVU Small Ironwood Box
Item# hp-wvu-siwb

Product Description

WVU Small Ironwood Box made by Heritage Pewter™

* Officially licensed

* Made in the USA!

Desert Ironwood is appreciated for its beauty, rarity and durability. This extremely hard, dense wood grows only in the Sonoran Desert, below 2,500 feet in elevation. A mature tree suitable for carving takes centuries to grow and may live to 1,500 years. Today, live specimens are protected.

The best carving wood is dead Ironwood that has baked in the desert sun, dehydrated by nature, at temperatures exceeding 140 degrees F. for over 100 years.

The Seri Indians of Sonora, Mexico are known throughout the world as the finest Ironwood sculptors.

Heritage Pewter Ironwood originates from the Bahia-Kino region of Sonora, Mexico, and is produced by the most experienced Seri craftsmen.

Care of Ironwood: Normal dusting and an occasional application of clear show polish (such as Kiwi polish) to renew the rich luster and to bring out the beautiful wood grain is all the care it needs. Use a soft, clean cloth to polish the surface.