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WVU Large Mascot Baby Decal

WVU Large Mascot Baby Decal
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Product Description

WVU Large Mascot Baby Decal

1 Large WV Mascot Babies 19 1/2" x 14 1/2"


Our own little baby Mountaineer sporting our trademark face tattoo. He is ready for the game!

What a cute way to dress the littlest fans room.

Licensed WVU Stik-ables™ are made with a special adhesive so they stick to all kinds of walls. And, you can use Stik-ables™ both indoors and outdoors because they are water resistant and UV rated for up to 3 years outside. Stik-ables™ are so easy even a collage student should be able to do it!

*Stik-ables™ are easy to apply, they just peel & stick to smooth or textured surfaces.

*Stik-ables™ are easy to remove and leave no residue.

*Stik-ables™ are reusable.

*Stik-ables™ may be used both indoors or outdoors.